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Social Action for Health (SAfH) is a dynamic community development organisation, based in East London, working with marginalised communities. We engage with up to 15,000 people a year through our locally based projects.

We start with the people, finding out what their concerns are; We build local networks between people and across communities. We empower local people to take more control of their lives, enabling them to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing. We build bridges between local people and decision makers to influence change in policy and practice.

If you interested in gaining work experience on a voluntary basis with SAfH, we have some exciting opportunities to work in Hackney or Tower Hamlets with our Project Teams. You will gain useful skills such as working in a team, organising events, general administrative and office duties. Volunteering with SAfH provides you essentials skills and lots of valuable work experience.

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For further details please contact 020 8510 1970 or email .