Community Cancer Empowerment

This project aims to change the patterns of late presentation with respect to Breast cancer in Hackney .The current work is based on previous work funded by the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI) where we discovered that changing the relationship between GPs and patients could make significant contribution to diagnosis. It aims to increase breast cancer awareness in women aged from 40-70 by outreaching in community and group settings. This project is focused on working with white women and Turkish/Kurdish women.

Our approach is facilitating up to three sessions in community settings which look at symptom and risk factors around breast cancer. They also explore of participants’ relationships with their GPs and how they can gain the most out of consultations by preparing in advance and action planning.
In discussing what change they wanted to see, one participant commented that:

We can’t express our issues and we want our GPs to take us seriously

One participant fed back on what change had occurred by participating in the sessions:

“I feel strong not little and weak to talk to GP”