Health Access

This year the Health Access project has been developed to support local residents to take action on issues that are concerning them and which relate to social factors that affect people’s health and wellbeing.

We will initially scope out the views of local people to find out the kinds of concerns that people have. Then having selected a suitable subset of these issues, we will aim to bring together a small group of residents who might be willing to take concerted and strategically significant action on the issue. Working with these “neighbourhood action groups”, we expect them to develop an understanding of the issue, to understand how it impacts on health and wellbeing, then to make sense of possible improvements and draw others into the process of engagement and taking action.

We will seek to engage with GPs and health professionals about the work of the action groups so that they can make the bring their own perspective on the connections between the issue, people’s action change and health and wellbeing outcomes.

The process and the journey will help those involved to have more control of issues affecting their health and wellbeing. In the process of developing the knowledge in the community, we will also be connecting people across the network, enthusing them to build the relationships and understanding what will support them to make small and significant changes.