Hear I Am

Hear I Am
Published in May 2010

The Hear I Am report is published by Social Action for Health (SAfH), a community development charity that works with mental health service users. The report is based on observations made by SAfH staff and trained lay observers on a men’s acute psychiatric ward in East London over a period of 12 months. A high percentage of men on the ward were African Caribbean.

Key recommendations made by the Hear I Am report include:

  • Regular sessions on wards about health, hygiene and nutrition run by trained members of the lay community.
  • Self-management courses run by accredited lay tutors so that patients can learn how better to manage chronic mental health problems themselves.
    Rotas of trained, supported local volunteers to accompany patients who want to take leave from the wards.
  • More training for ward staff on relational skills.


Hear I am report – May 2012

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