Job Application Notes To Candidates


Guidelines on Filling in the Form

  • Fill in this form in black ink or type as it will have to be photocopied.
  • Please complete the form using all legal registered names.
  • Complete the application form. Do not simply return a Curriculum Vitae.
  • You may return a word processed form provided it follows the format of the original exactly.
  • We would prefer application forms in writing but if you need to type an application, you must follow the format of the Application Form.
  • If the person specification requires written communication skills you must fill in the form yourself or state clearly what assistance you had.
  • Do a rough version first.
  • Make sure you write about your actions, skills, etc.  Use words like “I planned…”, “I organised…”

How You will be Assessed

Decisions will be made by a selection panel based on the application form and interview.  They will not consider any outside knowledge of applicants.

All applicants will be assessed against the criteria in the Person Specification.  The Person Specification is the organisation’s statement of what skills, abilities and knowledge the job requires.  You may meet those requirements through experience or training.  You may not have had any paid experience or formal training but you can still demonstrate that you could do the job.

The Criteria in the Person Specification will help you to see what we are looking for and to assess your own suitability.

For some posts, shortlisted applicants will be asked to make a presentation on a stated subject.  Notification of this will be given when the interview time is fixed.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to effective implementation of equal opportunities in relation to all sections of society.  Applicants are considered on the basis of their suitability for the post. We will not discriminate unfairly because of sex, sexuality, religion, ethnicity or disability.

Positive Action

We are committed to redressing past patterns of discrimination and meeting our users needs which have either not been met or met inadequately.  For that reason for some jobs we require people with specific knowledge and experience able to provide personal services to women, people from Black or minority ethnic communities or people with disabilities.  Where we have done this we are using the relevant legislation i.e. the Race Relations Act 1976, Section 5.2 (d) or the Sex Discrimination Act, Section 7.2 (e).

Job Sharing

All full-time (35 hours per week) jobs are open to jobshare unless otherwise stated.  Part-time jobs are not open to jobshare.  You need not apply with a jobsharer.  All applicants will be considered individually.  All applicants must meet the requirements of the person specification.

Support for People with Disabilities

We are committed to making our organisation accessible to people with disabilities.  If there is anything in the Person Specification, Job Description or any other aspect of the job which would not be possible or would be difficult for you, we are willing to discuss alternative ways of meeting the requirement.

Other Information

When we have decided who we consider the best applicant for the job, we may have additional questions about work permits, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and may ask for references.

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