Maternity Voices Partnership Report 2009-11

Maternity Voices Partnership Report 2009-11
Published in May 2011

Social Action for Health (SAfH) is a community development charity, working alongside local communities on issues affecting their health and well being. The Tower Hamlets Maternity Services Liaison Committee (Maternity Voices Partnership) Project has been hosted by SAfH since 2009 with a growing parent membership of 53 women from the Bengali, Somali, white British, Nigerian, Angolan, Indian, Chinese and African/Caribbean communities.

Between October 2009 to March 2011 SAfH organised and facilitated community engagement health guide sessions with 120 women who raised their concerns about maternity services. The issues were fed back into the Mothers Support Group and addressed in the MSLC meetings. The main issues emerging are:

  • Access to information- lack of translated material, too much information given at one visit with no opportunity to discuss it with midwife or health
  • Language barriers- lack of interpreters for Somali and Chinese mothers
  • Mistrust of midwives- lack of trust between parent and midwife during


the antenatal pathway coupled with language and information barrier
leads to mistrust of services

  • Postnatal Support- lack of postnatal support with an underlying assumption that family network will fill in the gap


SAfH Annual Report 2012-13


Maternity Voices Partnership Report 2009-11 [May 2011]

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