Cook and Eat

Farhiye and Yuksel make a Healthy Meal in Gaby’s Kitchen at Wells Street Health Centre

Cook and Eat session are held as part of our Good Move programme or held as courses on their own. The sessions aim to help people identify the amount of salt, sugar and fats they consume. We do this by presenting culturally specific meals with healthy adaptations. Another outcome form these is that people have the opportunity to cook and share a meal together thus reducing isolated eating which has negative health impact.

We deliver healthy eating sessions delivered by local people from different communities

  • sessions reflect the different diets and cultural habits of different communities.
  • Participants are guided to cook healthier option meals
  • Participants are able to find out about healthier food options, salt intake, fat, reading nutritional values on packaged foods
  • Participants are encouraged to develop personal goals in relation to healthy eating.
  • Each week they prepare and eat a healthy meal together

It gave me opportunity to express my feelings with other course participants and I had a good time and enjoyed a lot

It helped me think positively about myself

Now I have learnt these recipes I will try with my children

If you would like to attend a cook and eat course in Hackney please call Susie Crome on 020 8510 1967 or email