Kindred Minds

Kindred Minds is a unique mental health project for people from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds in Southwark and nearby areas. We are user-run and user-led project by service users for service users – We are experts by experience.

Our services are open access, no cost, no referral, free membership.


Why Kindred Minds? inequality in mental health services has been well documented for decades and we know that people from BME communities (particularly African Caribbean) often fare badly under the Mental Health Systems e.g. more likely:-

  • to be diagnosed with schizophrenia
  • to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act/placed on a community treatment order
  • to be held in forensic settings for long periods
  • to be treated with medication & less likely to be referred to &/or accepted for talking treatments

(Ref: Fernando S, Keating F. (2009) Mental Health in Multi-ethnic Society. 2nd Edn: Routledge)

Kindred Minds provides BME service users with:

  • Crossing Culture experiences:

    If your identity is linked to your well-being, come to Kindred Minds. If you see barriers to well-being in our society and want to look at solutions, come to PoP-In (our social drop in). We are exploring identity by looking at our own and other cultures positively through outings to museums and events. Together, as a group of BME service users, we can find ways to campaign for mental health services that are more culturally appropriate. Kindred Minds creates regular spaces such as Talkshop (our men’s debating group) so we can explore these issues.

  • Personal Development opportunities:

    Keep an eye out for our next opportunities in this area! We have developed theatre groups, creative workshops, assertiveness & empowerment training, peer support with individuals & groups. We are currently running a Members Committee to develop our members’ skills to enable them to be ambassadors for Kindred Minds.

  • User Involvement and Campaigning:

    We have a strong past record in campaigning which includes saving a south Asian day centre (Amardeep) from closure. Don’t get down about all the changes in Southwark! Be the change! Kindred Minds looks at ways of shaping local mental health services. We provide information, support & training to enable BME users to have a say and use your experiences positively to improve services.

Kindred Minds project is based in Southwark. Contact our team (Renuka, Derron or Helen) or find us on Facebook ‘Kindred Minds’.


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