Network and Alliances

The Networks and Alliances theme embodies the relationships that we have forged with all those we have worked with over the years. It is a theme which nurtures partnership working with local people, with local groups, with established organizations and with service providers such as GP Practices. It is natural progression of our work that begins at grass roots level, where we identify the need and then bring groups together to address those needs.

The theme houses five key projects: The Tower Hamlets Health and Advice Links Project, The Hackney Information & Advice Consortium, The Hackney Advice Forum, The Multi Lingual Advice Training & Employment Project and the Hackney LINk.

These projects work with groups of people and organizations to ensure that good quality advice and information is provided to local people. We work with them to provide services that are accessible and of good quality. People’s ill health is exacerbated by the social welfare problems and inappropriate service provisions. This theme works to alleviate these. We ensure that all our partners in our networks are equal players and ensure that relationships are lasting.

We have an extensive number of partnerships ranging from 45 GP Practices spread through out the boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets, 12 organisations that deliver advice services, over 177 member organisations on the Hackney Advice Forum and the huge numbers of people that involved in the LINk.