Patient Leadership Programme

The Patient Leaders project was launched in April 2014. The aim is to provide a programme of training and developmental support to a small group of Tower Hamlets residents to enable them to take on leadership roles in local health and social care context.

The programme will be designed as much as possible around the group of people who come together and their needs. There are some broad areas of learning that we will be offering through this programme.

Over the three years 33 people have participated in the programme and 25 of the Patient Leaders are actively engaging in different platforms to bring about changes in Health and Social Care by being the voice of the community.

The Patient Leaders represented patient and the public ‘s voice in the following areas  – helping Tower Hamlet NHS in commissioning of metal health services, Community Health services, Transformation of Primary and Urgent Care services  and more.

Now we are recruiting local people again for 2017-2018(Cohort 4)

Why should you get involved?


During the programme you will come to know more about:

  • Health and social care situations
  • Cares and concerns of a range of people affected by health and social care locally
  • How change happens and how change can be facilitated by local leaders
  • Your own leadership qualities and areas that you could develop


Skills and qualities

Through participating in the programme we hope you will be more able to:

  • Bring people together to learn and work to make things better
  • See different perspectives and points of view
  • Question and challenge information and ideas of others with respect
  • Think in terms of bigger pictures, connections and relationships between things
  • Improvise and act with creativity in situations that are new to you
  • Reflect on your own values, observations and judgements

Find out what’s involved on:

Wednesday 15th March  2017

10.30am to 12.30pm

Brady Arts Centre, 192-196 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HU


Selection Day takes place on:

Monday 20th March 2017,

10.00am to 1pm

Brady Arts Centre, 192-196 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HU


For more information contact:

Nurun Nessa:;


Gerald S Osei – Kofi: 0794 650 6358/020 8510 1970

This project is funded and supported by :-

Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group

Tower Hamlets Healthwatch

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