Project List

Social Action for Health Projects                                                              

HIAC: Hackney Information and Advice Consortium – Contact: James Demming (020 8510 1970)


The HIAC Project has been running for 10 years and offers advice in 26 GP Practices across Hackney on a wide range of issues such as Welfare Benefits, Housing, Debt, Employment issues, help at home for over 60’s, help with forms such as DLA, AA, Tax Credits and much more.

THHAL: Tower Hamlets Health and Advice Links Project – Contact: James Demming (020 8510 1970)

Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets Health and Advice Links project has been running since 2004 and provides advice sessions at 17 surgeries spread throughout Tower Hamlets. The project also actively promotes cross referrals between GP surgeries to ensure its approach is coordinated and robust. Trained advisors provide advice on a wide range of issues ranging from welfare benefits to housing and debt. The advisors also actively refer patients onto self-management of chronic condition courses, employment/training courses, ESOL and volunteering opportunities.

HAP: Hackney Advice Providers – Contact: James Demming (020 8510 1970)


Hackney Advice Providers is a new project commissioned from April 2014 and is an innovative approach to reaching some of most deprived communities in Hackney. We work with people who find it difficult to use more generalist services, by reason of language, culture, status or age. Hackney Advice Providers involves 12 local community organizations that serve local Hackney people with information and advice, provided in community venues across the borough.

East London Genes in Health – Contact: Rachel Hughes (0208 510 1970)

Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest

In East London, people in certain communities have some of the highest rates of heart disease, diabetes and poor health in the UK. Living with long-term conditions has a major impact on a person’s quality of life and on their family. This is a community based study on genes that has been set up to help in the fight against these and other major diseases. The project will work with people who are well within the Bangladeshi and Pakistani community in East London.  The work will involve setting up and running community-based initiatives that invest in and explore future community health.

Self-Management – Epilepsy – Contact: Nimo Mohammed (020 8510 1970)

Hackney and Tower Hamlets

The purpose of this project is to develop a bespoke course which can support people with epilepsy to manage their condition better. The course is based on the expert patient’s model. 4 courses are being delivered in Hackney and Tower Hamlets based on the bespoke model. The project is being run in partnership between SAfH and the Epilepsy society.

Health Action project                                                              Contact: Thufayel Islam (0207 510 1978)

Tower Hamlets

In 2012 Social Action for Health developed the Health Action Project in order to engage and support communities in Tower Hamlets to take action on local health issues. There are now 4 active groups working in different locations that have members who have been supported through training and mentoring. These include Stepney, Globe, Hanbury Street and the Ocean Estate. The Action groups are now attempting to tackle deep routed issues in their localities and have started to have some influence over how some services are delivered.

CCG Health Intelligence Project – Contact: Thufayel Islam (0207 510 1978)

Tower Hamlets

This six month pilot project started in December 2013 and is aimed at working with patients from six GP surgeries that are recognized as frequent users of services. These patients will be taking part in weekly session that attempt to encourage and support patients to take more control of their health using their own health intelligence. The sessions are run by a team of Health Guides and Self-management tutors who use their vast knowledge and experience to coach people in leading a healthier lifestyle.

Peoples Network – Contact: Gerald S Osei – Kofi (020 8510 1970)


The People’s Network is a user led user run recovery group, made up of black men with a lived experience of mental illness, who live in Hackney. Members come together to share experiences, good food and to learn for themselves what recovery means on their own terms. Members are the voice of other service users in the borough and the network aims to influence policy by promoting members to become representatives.

4Sight – Contact:  Gerald S Osei – Kofi (020 8510 1970)


The 4sight project is a user run Monthly Sunday lunch with food, music and activities such as drumming workshops, salsa and bingo for those living with mental ill health in Hackney. Most members come from an African or Caribbean background and thoroughly enjoy the lively and

THACMHO – Contact: Gerald Osei-Kofi

Tower Hamlets

A User led User run African Caribbean group which offers friendship, support and a range of activities including a monthly lunch, keep fit, trips and tours. The group have also been involved in research, published poetry and stories from members.

Mental Health Advisory Group – Contact: Shuaib Achhala (0208 5101963)


The MH advisory group is an elected group of members with a lived experience of mental illness who advise the mental health Programme Board (MHPB) in Hackney. The MH advisory group, with the MHPB’s support, aims to become the “real commissioners of mental health services in Hackney” within the next five years.  The advisory group meet regularly to share experiences/ issues affecting local people, share best practice and plan meetings with the MHPB.

Good Moves – Contact: Jahera Ali (0208 510 1961)

Tower Hamlets

Good Moves is a lifestyle change intervention programme which combines physical exercise, health information and goal setting for healthy lifestyle in a culturally appropriate manner.  The course takes place in the local community for the local people who have diabetes or a long term health condition.

Peer Support – Contact: Jahera Ali ( 0208 510 1961)

Tower Hamlets

Peer support will provide a support network for vulnerable adults (especially people with disability) to build up confidence and self esteem so that they can claim full ownership and have a say in their own support package. Peer support network offers a platform for vulnerable adults especially those with disabilities to come and meet up every other month to talk about matters that affects them.  By doing so it would increase their self awareness and awareness of others and most importantly increase their social support.

Maternity Voices Partnership(MVP) – Contact: Ceri Durham (0208 510 1970)

Tower Hamlets, Newham and Waltham Forest

The aim of Maternity Voices Partnership is to increase the capacity of local women to influence and shape maternity service delivery and policy. We do this by supporting, training and empowering local women from diverse communities to use their experiences of accessing maternity services to influence change.

Patient Leaders – Contact: Nurun Nessa (0207 510 1970)

The Patient Leaders project is about developing a handful of people from Tower Hamlets to take leadership roles in influencing and changing health and social care in the Borough. We will be working with Healthwatch Tower Hamlets and the Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning during this two-year training programme.

Supporting the Education and Empowerment of Patients and Carers [SEEPAC]

Supporting the Education and Empowerment of Patients and Carers [SEEPAC]. We are working with Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University London [QMUL] to undertake an analysis of practice that educates and trains patient and carers in self-care or empowers them to manage health.

Self-Management Greenwich – Contact: Nimo Mohammed (0208 510 1967)

In Greenwich we have been working to support and train communities in managing their own health through using a validated ‘expert patient programme’. In the last year this was delivered in multiple languages including Nepali, Tamil and Gujarati.

Harrow Health Champions Project – Contact: Jaber Khan (020 8510 1964)             

This project is looking to recruit local people and train them to become Health Champions. There are 3 strands to this training and local people can train in any of the following areas: 1)Peer mentoring, 2) Community Educator and 3) Community Researcher. Once they are trained they will work with local people through the Harrow Council. This project is funded by the Harrow Council.

Training – Contact: Pauline Facey (0208 510 1970)

Training – We conduct a range of training for groups and individuals. Working with Westminster Council we have recently ran a bespoke accredited training programme in Diabetes Mentoring: a community development approach. We have a partnership with WEA (Workers Education Authority) and the Open College Network who are helping us to accredit some of our training programmes.