THCVS, in partnership with Interchange People Development, Assertiveness and Communications Skills training – 22/05/2014

THCVS, in partnership with Interchange People Development, are running a whole day assertiveness and communications skills training.

The key to being assertive is to stay connected to your own and others humanity whilst communicating. This workshop will help you to develop the awareness, confidence and skills needed to sort out problems and frustrations whilst respecting and understanding your own and other peoples’ needs and to seek win-win solutions in a way that keeps the channels of communication open and reduces the likelihood of a defensive reaction.

This training is open to anyone who works/volunteers in a voluntary sector organisation or individuals who would like to develop their skills.

The training will be held on Thursday 22 May 2014, 10am-4pm, Oxford House.

Please book online here 

For queries please contact

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