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About Us

SAfH is a community development charity, which works alongside marginalised local people and their communities towards justice, equality, better health and wellbeing.



Following up the Launch of the Charter for Community Development in Health

For the last year we have been working with a range of other organisations and concerned individuals to develop “A Charter for Community Development in Health”. In the charter  we call for action from various power holders and decision makers to think about and support community development in efforts to improve health. Read more…


My Weigh Celebration Event

My Weigh arranged a celebration event at the Mile end Ecology Pavilion on Thursday 12th of June. The event was attended by over 150 people – both My Weigh participants and professionals. The purpose of the event was to showcase the achievements of My Weigh participants since it first started in January 2011. The My Weigh programme is currently nearing to the end. Read more…


SAFH: Full Project Now Available With Descriptions, Owners & Contact Points

SAFH currently delivers a diverse number of projects primarily across the London Boroughs of Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. Read more details on the various projects.


“News From The Ground”:- Issue 11 of SAFH’s Newsletter….

Issue 9 of our regular newsletter…………..


  • My Weigh Celebration
  • The Impact of Welfare Reform
  • Compassionate Neighbours Launch
  • Forthcoming HAP Launch
  • Patient Leaders Project


Community News

Epilepsy awareness in your community

Dr Sharmin Shajahan and Soraya Bowen

Epilepsy Society’s new project is now working in your area. If you are a community organisation we want your support and participation
Our “Epilepsy awareness in your community” project aims to raise awareness of epilepsy in specific community groups in Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

Read more…

Sofia Gatica – Protects Her Community

Sofia Gatica - Winner of the Goldman Prize 2012

An inspiring woman blocks the use of pesticides in her area and protects her community.Thirteen years ago, Sofía Gatica gave birth to a daughter. Three days later, the baby’s kidneys failed. The working-class mother of three was determined to find out what killed her child. Read more…

Featured Projects

  • Social Action for Health (SAfH) have been building a strong and vibrant network of local organisations in Waltham Forest who will be delivering activities and running community sessions to develop local peoples ability to take community action around their health and wellbeing. SAfH have been doing this in partnership with a range of local community groups. The network represents the multi cultural communities that make up Waltham Forest and have attended a 3 day training course. SAfH have also trained 23 local Community Health Champions to work on this Project.

  • The people’s Network is a project which houses the Mental Health Guides Project and Foresight project within it’s framework. The project’s long term aim is to provide a User led, User run organisation which will comment on the voluntary sector in Hackney. In order to do this the project needs to build the capacity of it’s members via action groups, workshops and connecting to the outside world so that members feel that they have a place in the real world, outside of the system. It is a new and dynamic approach which is learning as it progresses but it has us all very excited here at SAfH!

  • Working alongside local people to increase take up of breast, cervical and bowel cancer screening services, this project aims to reduce cancer mortality rate by early diagnosis of cancers.

    • Trains local people in screening process and practices
    • Supports local people to take up the screening offer
    • Works with GP’s to increase uptake in cervical and breast screening
    • Delivers awareness sessions to local people around screening processes


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